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What does kinesiology help with? 

A wide variety of health concerns including:
Digestive discomfort, indigestion, constipation
IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Sugar/food addictions
Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
Weight loss/gain, detoxification
Arthritis, joint pain
Back/shoulder pain
Skin complaints
Candida, parasites, gut bacteria imbalance
Hormonal imbalances, menopause, painful periods etc
Anxiety, depression, fears and phobias
Stress, insomnia
Season-related such as hayfever and SAD

And many other health issues/niggles….
I also offer food sensitivity testing

 Systematic kinesiology is…

Methodical – it takes a methodical systematic approach to working with your body to support your health and well being.

Tried & Tested – this form of kinesiology was created by Brian Butler, by adapting the Applied Kinesiology training he received in the USA. Systematic Kinesiology has already been used for 30 years in the UK and has proven itself to be a completely reliable approach to preventative healthcare.

Unique – it addresses the Mental (M), Chemical (C), Physical (P) and Energy (E) elements of a person simultaneously as Brian Butler writes in his ‘The Ethos of Systematic Kinesiology’ article. This MCPE approach is unique to Systematic Kinesiologists and is unmatched by other modalities.

Muscle Testing – I gently test your muscle responses to connect to the intelligence of your body and gain insights not achievable using any other method. This testing identifies energy imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities, and structural imbalances causing discomfort. Any problematic conditions discovered by these tests can be corrected, often within one session, though it can take between 3 and 6 sessions.

The ‘clever bit’ - the brain is the computer that controls the whole body through the spinal cord. Between each vertebra along the entire length of the spine there are holes called the inter-vertebral foramina (IVF). There are seven ways to balance the energies that flow to all parts of the body through the IVF, these are: acupuncture points; the cerebrospinal fluid; the neuro-vascular blood supply; the neuro-lymphatic flow that feeds and cleans the body; the nerves to all the muscles and organs, nutritional signals; and electrical impulses related to emotions.

In the treatment room – these seven factors are balanced using massage, touch, nutrition, stress release and exercise, and the benefits are often enjoyed straight away!

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Between sessions

To build on the benefits achieved in the session you’ll get self-care tasks to do between treatments. This will include taking nutritional supplements daily to address any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and may include avoiding certain foods for a time, lifestyle tweaks such as ten-minute mini breaks during the day if stressed for example, or carrying out agreed action steps towards achieving any goals.

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Nutrition is a key part of kinesiology bringing you to the very best health you can enjoy. A car doesn't run on the wrong fuel, and neither do we! Kinesiology works with your biochemical uniqueness and uses muscle testing to check whether certain foods are beneficial, neutral or unhelpful for your health. Also some food sensitivities can be hidden, with no clear connection with symptoms of ill health. Wheat sensitivities for example can lead to reactions including headaches, bloating, constipation and constant tiredness - symptoms we wouldn't connect to our morning toast.


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I use high quality, organic supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbs) for kinesiology testing. Using muscle testing I am able to find the right supplements for your needs and taking your biochemical individuality into account. Vitamin B for example supports your brain function, digestion, circulation and reduces stress. The body is very particular about what it wants and the vitamin B that is right for you, for example, will be different for someone else. Muscle testing opens up this ability for the body to tell the kinesiologist exactly what it needs.


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Here are the suppliers I use (all UK-based), I will tell you what is needed for your self-care homework, and where to order at the end of each treatment. Some supplements are discounted where possible. Click on the links below to place your order online.

Lily & Loaf
Nutri Advanced
Higher Nature