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My story


Back in 2015 I decided I’d had enough of the daily discomfort, bloating and heaviness after eating I’d been suffering with for years. It didn't seem to matter what I ate! I had constant tiredness and lethargy even on waking up in the mornings, and little energy throughout the day. I didn't know what to do to address these constant low-level symptoms, and it seemed that most people around me were suffering from it too!
Not wanting to accept this as my lot in life I booked in to see a local kinesiologist out of curiosity after an internet search brought me to her website. I was fascinated by the kinesiologist's ability to address the symptoms head on - leading to me have relief quickly after the specialist lymphatic massage, acupressure and other energy work she did during the session and taking the nutritional supplements every day that showed as strengthening in the muscle response testing. I remember I was deficient in vitamin B, C and magnesium.
She also did some food intolerance testing and showed me that wheat was a big contributor to the tiredness, lethargy and bloating after eating I was experiencing. It was incredibly empowering to learn what was causing the symptoms, despite not wanting to give up bread initially. It's been a journey and I have discovered that spelt and rye breads are excellent replacements for me.

So addressing these physical symptoms was a huge win, but it was through continuing to have monthly kinesiology treatments that I was able to tackle the anxiety and low moods I’d also been experiencing for years, and I hadn’t even been looking to address this! I’d just come to accept this as part of my personality and life.

Each month the kinesiologist I was seeing would take down the details of all the issues and symptoms that had been going on recently and address them in the session, and I didn’t realise it at the time but a lot of it was emotional/mental in nature. I was also suffering from high levels of stress, though I had no awareness of this. For about a year (after my mum died of lung cancer and a brain tumour) I would often have to hide in the loo at work to cry because I felt so awful mentally, and have to spend the whole weekend recovering in bed and rebuilding my strength for the next work week. I was bored in my office job and yes it was stressful, but not massively so, it’s because I was already stressed and grieving that I was finding it hard to cope. I used food, namely chocolate (and a lot of it!) and buying clothes for myself as a distraction and to give me a lift during the day.

Yes it was a rough time for me, and with each kinesiology treatment, plus taking the nutritional supplements and flower bach remedies each day, I felt the improvements mentally and emotionally, becoming more stable, balanced and at ease with each treatment.

Today I’m immensely grateful for this powerful natural healthcare system for myself and to have trained in it too. I’m relaxed, have more energy, feel positive and I’m comfortable after eating. Another gift that systematic kinesiology has given me is an understanding of what foods my body likes and what it doesn’t, that doesn’t always correlate with what I want to eat(!), but it’s a balance I can strike with this knowledge, I know what foods should be occasional treats for me and how good I feel when I mainly stick to foods that agree with me.

I can also help you to gain relief from obvious symptoms, the not so obvious ones and empower you to transform your knowledge of what foods suit you, as we are all biochemically unique after all.





What is systematic kinesiology and how does it work?

Pronounced kin-easy-ology, it is a complementary natural healthcare system that addresses health issues thoroughly from all realms – structural, chemical (including food), emotional and energetical. It uses gentle, precise muscle response testing on a person’s arms and legs to discover the root of the presenting issue/s and what kinesiology tools and nutritional supplements the client would most benefit from to experience relief quickly.

A range of tools are then used in the treatment to promote healing including massage, acupressure, meridian/energy lines, nutrition, flower bach remedies and emotional work such as EFT tapping to achieve total balance.

I would expect to see good results from your first visit, and major improvements within 3 to 6 sessions.


The roots of kinesiology date back to the 1960s when a respected chiropractor Dr George Goodheart developed and expanded on the use of muscle testing. He became renowned for being able to solve health concerns that no one else could and progressed to teach the techniques to chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors and osteopaths.

Your health

I believe that people can feel amazingly well in body and mind, and not have health issues get in the way of enjoying life and reaching goals.

Your body communicates with you all the time, its language can be understood and messages received. Maladies and mental/emotional health concerns can be understood as a call for help, something needs to change.

Your body can tell me how to untangle health concerns at the root through muscle response testing. Health issues/symptoms can be transformed through the 360 degree whole-person approach to natural healthcare that kinesiology offers.

Rather than suffering and accepting new or growing limitations and maybe compensating by introducing more toxins into the body we can do something different to address it.

Kinesiology is a communication tool, we can receive the body/mind’s messages or call for help, find and resolve the physical, mental, energetical and emotional blocks and identify the lifestyle/dietary adjustments needed to continue to heal and restore strength – putting you firmly on the path back to wholeness and wellness, and in the driving seat of your own health.

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Kinesiology sessions

To reach the desired results with your health quickly and build on the benefits achieved in the session I'll give you self-care tasks to do between treatments. This will include taking nutritional supplements daily to address any vitamin or mineral deficiencies relating to your health goals, and help support your body back to health; and may include avoiding certain foods for a time, lifestyle tweaks such as ten-minute mini breaks during the day if stressed for example, or carrying out agreed action steps towards achieving any goals.

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Nutrition is a key part of kinesiology bringing you to the very best health you can enjoy. A car doesn't run on the wrong fuel, and neither do we! Kinesiology works with your biochemical uniqueness and can use muscle testing to check whether certain foods are beneficial, neutral or unhelpful for your health. Also some food sensitivities can be hidden, with no clear connection with symptoms of ill health. Wheat sensitivities for example can lead to reactions including headaches, bloating, constipation and constant tiredness - symptoms we wouldn't connect to our morning toast.


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I use high quality, organic supplements (vitamins, minerals and herbs) for kinesiology testing. Using muscle testing I am able to find the right supplements for your needs and taking your biochemical individuality into account. Vitamin B for example supports your brain function, digestion, circulation and reduces stress. The body is very particular about what it wants and the vitamin B that is right for you, for example, will be different for someone else. Muscle testing opens up this ability for the body to tell the kinesiologist exactly what it needs.


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Here are the suppliers I use (all UK-based), I will tell you what is needed for your self-care homework, and where to order at the end of each treatment. Some supplements are discounted where possible. Click on the links below to place your order online.

Natures Sunshine
Nutri Advanced
Higher Nature