Enjoy your very best health

Lacking in energy, feeling unwell?

Introducing a unique complementary healthcare system to boost your energy, health and well being.

Food sensitivities, mental stress and structural pain can make life more difficult. By finding and correcting any imbalances using Systematic Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) relief and a new sense of lightness are gained, as well as improving energy, health and well being.


How to create more joy in your life

This new powerful technique quickly and easily neutralises: stress, low confidence, self-sabotage, trauma and more… from the permanent storage system that is your subconscious mind.

Create the joy you want in life by working with the mind to adopt new beliefs that support your goals in a PSYCH-K® (sigh-kay) session with me, Hanna.

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Kinesiology Testimonials

"Wow! What did you do to me?! Thank you so much Hanna... so much has already lifted energetically and physically in just one treatment. I also loved the obvious joy and passion you have for your work... a great experience. Wishing you an abundance of clients - hope others are lucky enough you find you... :)" Kary

"I wanted to thank you so much for the session last week. I found it very powerful and deep, and left feeling a different person and have continued to feel lighter, calmer and more nourished since. I received the supplements within a few days and I am feeling physically better and better! Life has slowed down, I feel much more energised now, sleeping very deeply and feel my general zest for life has returned! I am mostly managing to find pockets of rest within the day, and am looking forward to looking into the links you gave me. I am very grateful and intrigued to continue this journey with you :-)
I would love to organise a time when my partner could come and see you - when would next suit?" Kirstie

"I slept really well last night and had a great day at work today. I feel less tired and sluggish, brighter generally and much better in myself. I haven't felt this good in ages - a few years at least. I feel mentally balanced as well. Thank you." Clair

"Thanks for a wonderful session, Hanna. I feel more in touch with what brings optimal health to my body, and peace to my mind. It's amazing to be shown that the body is always communicating, and it helps so much to have you--a trained and attentive listener--on my side. Also, you have a way of clearly communicating what goes on in session, which helps to incorporate insights and practices over time. Really grateful for the follow up suggestions." Winston

“Hi, I wanted to give you feedback on the consultation last week. I was very impressed by your knowledge of kinesiology. You worked systematically to identify problems and proposed smart solutions to help counter the problems revealed. The lymphatic massage was particularly effective and immediately made me feel better.  Your nutritional advice was very well explained and I've been able to adopt several of the recommendations with good results. So in summary, thanks for the treatment!” Ray

"My lungs have cleared up significantly and my bowels have returned to normal. Thank you. I feel much more comfortable." Shuka

"Hanna is thorough and really shows the passion she has for kinesiology through her consultations. She is warm, empathetic and supportive. I've not felt so nurtured in a very long time. I am able to express myself openly, which itself aids the healing process. The session is a perfect combination of professionalism and rapport. I always leave the session lighter, at eased, soothed and relaxed as well as more clear in my life's aims, goals and desires." Ameet

"Well... I've only been smoking about half the usual amount! I often use smoking to separate tasks, which I haven't been doing since - powerful changes. What is also interesting is I don't feel an urge to buy sugary drinks like I did before." Clare

"I'm not a person that believes in natural health care for physical or mental problems but after a session of kinesiology with Hanna I am a convert. I've had hip pain for months, after my session I was pain free, and two days later still no pain. It can also help your mental well being, I would reccommend it." Julie

PSYCH-K Testimonials

“Hanna is an extremely professional and  competent practitioner and I enjoyed our session together. Her friendly manner put me at ease straight away and I found myself being open-minded to the session rather than my usual skeptical self!
At the end of the session I set some action steps for myself with the view of catching up with Hanna on a fortnight to report on how I got along. I completely over-achieved on actions set for myself and I'm now ready to continually work on my mindset with Hanna as have experienced first hand the powerful results of the PSYCH-K session. Thank you Hanna!” Sharon

"Hanna, thank you for my PSYCH-K session ❤.
You showed me the ways l was afraid to go down & supported me all the way through.  Been a transformational session considering l am a P-K facilitator myself. I felt so safe and cared for, guided with love. You are a gift to this planet 🙏. Thank you once again ❤. Perin."

“I went to see Hanna a few months after my husband left me and I'd also made the decision to stop taking antidepressants. Life was chaotic and confusing. A rollercoaster of emotions, my anxiety through the roof, there was so much fear surrounding my future as a single parent. 
I was amazed at my first session with Hanna, even during I felt a massive shift in my approach to my struggles. Hanna helped to restore a sense of calm and was incredibly supportive and understanding throughout, guiding me through my emotions and really holding the space for me to feel safe to express my feelings. 
New truths were realised, new opportunities loom and new plans of action have awakened my zest for life. Hanna has given me the tools to continue to develop my sense of worth and for that I am forever grateful.” Rebecca

“I came to Hanna as I was feeling frustrated about someone I live with, couldn't handle the noise and feeling constantly irritated by their actions. I had noticed I was feeling very fatigued and found it difficult to motivate myself, both physically and mentally. This was coupled with eating a lot of junk food, being more sedentary and noticing I had put on weight.
I have had PSYCH-K with Hanna before and what I find with PSYCH-K is that I reflect about a fortnight later and notice the issue has disappeared, regardless of what it is! I have accepted my living situation and now feel comfortable. I am taking care of myself by eating better and getting some exercise. I am calmer and less reactive. All this after just one session!” Clair, PSYCH-K