How no Longer Accepting Tiredness & Bloating After Eating Changed my Health, Life & Career

Kinesiology - pronounced kin-easy-ology

In 2015 I wasn’t really enjoying being me, mysteriously persistent tiredness, bloating/heaviness after eating and general constant feeling unwell seemed to be my day-to-day normal, and one day for some reason I decided to try a natural approach to deal with it and find out what was going on.

Curiosity led me to see a local kineisologist, I was fascinated by how it opens up communication between the body via the muscle response testing and the kinesiologist, who ‘reads’ this information and discovers what the body/mind needs to support its natural ability to heal itself. I made a snap decision to train in this complementary natural healthcare system, and have monthly kinesiology treatments. I’m so glad I did!

With kineisology now firmly in my life I found out I was unknowingly eating the wrong foods for me, and there were more issues I didn’t have full awareness of or even question: low energy, joint aches and pains, painful periods, constipation, regular colds/flus, sugar addiction, low moods, low confidence and self esteem, very high levels of stress, having a victim mentality, loneliness and grief after my mum died 3 years prior, boredom in my office job and generally feeling stuck and unhappy in life. In retrospect, now my reality has changed dramatically it’s easier to look back and pinpoint these distressing experiences.

Frog Principle – Slowly Coming to the Boil

Because these issues had been slowly building over time I didn’t notice them, it was my version of normal. If I had been healthy, well and clean eating and then woke up one day to experience all these things alarm bells would have been ringing immediately! And I would have spoken up about it and sought help sooner. The frog principle is a great analogy to explain this – if you put a live frog in a pan of cold water and heat it slowly on the hob it won’t notice the increasing temperature and the threat to its life, until oh too late! Poor frog. If you have the pan of water already boiling and try to drop the frog into it, it will sense the intense heat and hop far away, unless it isn’t so lucky, falls into the pan and dies pretty much immediately. This is something we are all prone to – we don’t notice the small changes in our health, until our bodies/minds really start shouting with sharper pains, increasingly frequent bouts of flu, tearfulness every day etc. We are incredibly stoic and accepting about pain and discomfort, but that carry on regardless attitude doesn’t necessarily work in our favour.

Enter Kinesiology – Now Out of Hot Water

Having sidestepped this tendency thanks to my training and regular treatments nowadays I know what foods my body likes best, which is in itself incredibly empowering and reassuring, digestive discomfort and aches/pains only happen now when I’ve indulged too much in treat foods and I know how to get myself back on track and I do, or because I’m upset and I have learned how to support myself emotionally too. I very rarely get colds, viruses or the like now. I am much more consistently happy and motivated to do what brings me joy, I am confident, have very little stress, feel empowered and in charge of my feelings and experiences in life, plus I love my job.

So since 2015 I have experienced a complete turnaround of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, trained in kinesiology, left my office job, moved out of London and set up my own business doing what I love in Glastonbury. I was absolutely new to kinesiology in 2015 and by early 2018 had become a fully qualified, insured, practicing systematic kinesiologist, that’s quite a quick turn around!

During these years I was also introduced to and trained in PSYCH-K (sigh-kay), a fantastic energy psychology tool similar to EFT and NLP. It was when I could uncover and release the sneaky layers of self sabotage that I really began to see a difference in my attitude to life – that’s a story for another day.

Sharing my personal story with you is a great way to demonstrate that kineisology works. It was because I’d had enough of bloating and tiredness after eating and didn’t want to accept this as my lot in life that I sought help, was curious about kinesiology and the rest is history!

Kinesiology – A Toolkit for Supporting Health

Kinesiology is a relatively young new offering to the vast array of complementary therapies on offer in the UK. Created by chiropractors/doctors in the US in the 1960s, there is a mis-perception that kinesiology is limited to muscle testing, and asking the body verbal questions to find answers relating to food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies. It is so much more than that! I will use this blog to explore what systematic kinesiology can do for you with you, dive into and share from its huge wealth of fascinating health knowledge on different topics and tips to support your own health with whatever is going on in your life.

I welcome suggestions of any health issues you’d like me to explore, and I encourage you to know you don’t have to accept symptoms of ill health and pain, grin and bear it.

And if you know of anyone who might find this blog interesting and helpful please send them the link. Thanks :)